"Page-turning experiences. Explode your brain cells and be transported to places where you've never been. Both adults and children love to read them." LOOKMAN

Henry and the Alien  
"The funniest adventure

Find out if an Alien can help you?
A humorous footnoted adventure tale into the 6th dimension.

Henrietta’s life is different to that of her school pals – her purpose is to serve her unloving parents as a dutiful daughter by cooking their meals, washing up, and carrying out all the household chores.

One day, Henri’s life is turned upside down with the discovery that her grumpy dad and her pampered mum are not her real parents… and they are thinking of sending her away to a children's home.

That’s when her tears of sadness are picked up on a supersound receiver by Eanie Meanie – a green, tentacled alien and together they embark on a strange and perilous adventure which takes them far, away from the earth.

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“...this well-written book that is guaranteed
 to keep young eyes glued to the pages. I
recommend Henri
and the Alien as a “must
read” for children who
wish to share the trip
Netherworld with Henri, her classmates,
Meanie and Geegle.

"After reading this book from the beginning to the end, they will eagerly be awaiting the sequel.”

Mihte's Quest:
Kids in the Underworld

 "It comes with monsters"

One from three is Mihte?
Who is destined to save Humanity from beneath our feet.

This is the daring story of Jack, Ellie and Jamie - the children left home alone by their mother while she's away on holiday. Once social workers discover the children's dire plight, they are moved to live with their father with his new family in the countryside.

To the children’s delight, they discover a couple of old dinghies and have great fun messing around on the river. Suddenly, disaster strikes and their lives are drastically changed that sunny afternoon. That's when their journey to the Kingdom of the Underworld begins. The courageous children are faced with terrifying battles in this extraordinary adventure and the only way home is to complete the difficult and dangerous quest they have been given.

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"Mihte's Quest is a thrilling adventure... with identifiable main characters and a pantheon of magical beings. It  will satisfy every lover of good fantasy."

"Mihte's Quest: Kids in the Underworld is accessible to younger children, but readable enough for even adults."
"The book is well written..."

Children from the Sea
"You'll never guess the ending"

Katie discovers a Spanish fishing villages secrets.
After strangers arrive the dolphins start disappearing.
Katie unwillingly has to leave her cool life in London to settle in a remote Spanish fishing village. The villagers are against the new hotel where her parents have started a new business. They believe it will destroy the dolphins in the bay, which by superstition protect the village.

Katie’s gets in deep trouble after finding a strange white dolphin on the beach who requests her to kiss it! When she does, it turns into a boy with amnesia called Naji. Romance beckons her…
However, Naji has other concerns... Who is he? Where are his other relatives? Where does he come from?

When Katie helps Naji, she upsets Alvaro the village bully, by stealing his clothes from the washing line and confuses her parents. Now things can only get much worse and they do…
Is it a Mystery, a Romance or, a Ghost story?

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"LOOKMAN has woven together a story with
an interesting mix of literary elements meant
to enchant and surprise avid young booklovers.”

"Children of The Sea is an imaginative, well
written story and I recommend it with the
expectation that it will provoke thought and
a concern for how different cultures, races and
religions might interact with each other in a modern world on a more understanding and peaceful basis."

'More Great Books etcetera' coming.....

Mihte's Challenge;
Can Jack defy
the Dark Lord
Henrietta's Odyssey
The movie

Mihte - TV Cartoon pilot
Jo Badpenny

Jo Badpenny at School


Mihte's Return;

Arthur Unmasked

Also: Jo Badpenny at School (2nd of series), (3rd in series) , Jo Badpenny serialised screenplay

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